Open Data API Specifications Version 2 and Read/Write Security Profile Released

Open Data API Specifications

The Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) is pleased to announce the release of Open Data API Specifications Version 2 for banking products, branches and ATMs.  This follows on from the successful release of Version 1 in March 2017.

These specifications allow API providers (e.g. banks, building societies and ATM providers) to supply up to date, standardised, information on products and services, so that API users (third party developers) can build web and mobile applications  which will enable customers to move, manage and make more of their money.

Version 2 is a significant upgrade to the previous version, with many enhancements including:

API Providers are now able to access these standards with immediate effect and update to this version.

To access the Open Data API standards, please visit

OBIE does not provide direct access to live API end points; rather these are implemented and supported by each API Provider. If you wish to see which APIs are supported by each Provider, please visit

Open Banking Security Profile

The OBIE is also pleased to announce the release of the Open Banking Security Profile (Implementer’s Draft). This profile defines how the Open Banking Read/Write APIs are secured using Mutual TLS, OAuth 2.0 and Open ID Connect.

To view the Open Banking Security Profile, please visit

The Open Banking Profile is based on the OpenID Foundation’s Financial API Read and Write API Security Profile (see, which in turn is based on the Read Only specification (see

OBIE is a member of the OpenID Foundation (see, a non-profit international standardisation organisation of individuals and companies committed to enabling, promoting and protecting OpenID technologies. OBIE is working with the OpenID Foundation to ensure that the profile is maintained as a world class security standard which provides the very best protection available for all users.

For further information, please contact: