Counter-Fraud Assessment Tool

How secure are your company’s fraud defences?

Our free online tool enables firms in our Directory to assess their counter-fraud protection measures, and see an up-to-date snapshot of potential areas for improvement.

Help prevent fraud

Free of charge to firms enrolled in the OBIE Directory, this easy-to-use tool lets you check your ability to prevent and respond to insider and payment fraud.

This gives you – and your customers – confidence that your counter-fraud protection aligns with the OBIE’s good practice guidelines.

How does it work?

The tool uses a maturity scale of 1-5 and covers four key areas:

1. Oversight and control

2. Prevent and detect

3. Respond and recover

4. Data management and analytics

Each area is broken down into relevant topics to give you greater insight. The tool generates instant results based on your responses, and you can then evaluate the results online to help determine if your fraud controls are robust. (Click here to expand the diagram)

Counter-Fraud diagram

Results and tracking

Regular checks let you keep track of your firm’s counter-fraud defences over time, and help protect your firm from reputational risk. You can:

export results to review and action with your team.

resubmit answers to specific questions and generate updated results.


If you have a live proposition in the OBIE Directory, just email us to receive your unique credentials and log in to our secure online system. You will need to answer 90 questions about different areas of your firm’s counter-fraud measures.

We suggest that your head of security or head of risk completes this for your organisation and that you allow about one hour and 30 minutes to complete the questions.

You can see the results instantly in our dashboard.

If you have any questions, our security team are on-hand to help.

Contact us and test your controls

IASME Counter Fraud Fundamentals

If your firm is ready to take the next steps in fraud prevention, you can apply for the IASME Counter Fraud Fundamentals certification scheme.

This independent assessment helps firms to understand which fundamental fraud controls should be in place.

It costs £400 plus VAT to take the certification.

IASME works with over 250 certification bodies across the UK and Crown Dependencies to help certify organisations of all sizes in cyber security and counter fraud.

Find out more on the IASME website
IASME Counter Fraud Fundamentals logo


We answer your questions about the Counter-Fraud Assessment Tool.

Who has developed the assessment?

Our tool has been developed with expert input from Accenture, Cifas, the University of Portsmouth Centre for Counter Fraud Studies and the Cabinet Office Fraud, Error and Debt Team, as well as our own Security and Fraud Working Group.

What security procedures are in place to secure access to the Assessment Tool?

The tool is only available to regulated and approved participants, who are enrolled onto the OBIE Production Directory, and registered on the Open Banking Information Exchange. User authentication credentials require set-up of a complex password and two-factor authentication.

Who can access the questionnaire responses?

Responses are accessible only by the individual respondent and a single maintenance administrator. They are not accessible to any other parties.

Are questionnaire responses anonymous?

Yes, questionnaires remain anonymous, respondents are not required to identify their participant organisation. OBIE administrators will not be able to link a questionnaire response to any participant.