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Open banking is based on secure transactions for participants and consumers.

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Security continues to evolve

With APIs, encrypted data transfer and reduced information sharing, open banking has security at its core. But as the ecosystem grows, it’s inevitable that scammers will target participants and your customers. We offer some useful resources to help you implement best practice counter-fraud controls.

Guide to security and counter-fraud controls

Security sits at the heart of open banking – but participants still need to understand security and fraud threats and how best to defend against these.

Developed alongside participants and industry bodies, our security and counter-fraud guidelines help you develop the robust controls needed to safeguard you and your customers.

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Use our Counter-Fraud Assessment Tool

Remove the guesswork. Our comprehensive Counter-Fraud Assessment Tool helps you check your organisation’s fraud defences, free of charge.

You can also apply for IASME counter-fraud certification, an independent scheme built by fraud experts.

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Join our security and fraud WORKING GROUP

We established the Open Banking Security and Fraud Working Group for members of our ecosystem to foster collaboration and raise visibility of emerging threats. Working with industry partners – including UK Finance, CIFAS, and IASME – we drive cross-ecosystem collaboration, and share intelligence data, thought leadership and best practice.

If you have a live proposition in the OBIE Directory, join the group and, together, we can keep open banking one step ahead on security.

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If you are a participant in our ecosystem and have an enquiry related to open banking security or counter-fraud, please contact our team.

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