Dispute Management System

Securely connect with other ASPSPs and TPPs and manage every case in one easy-to-use online portal. 

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OBIE’s Dispute management system (DMS) 2.0

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Creating a case using OBIE’s Dispute Management System (DMS) 2.0

How to create a case using OBIE’s Dispute Management System (DMS) 2.0

DMS how to videos

Review the functionality, design, and experience of the OBIE’s Dispute management system.

Uploading evidence

Sending messages

Assigning a case

Adding notes

Adding or removing respondents

Logging case outcomes

Case history

Case dashboard

Exporting a case

Adding and managing users

Adding and managing members (OBIE admin)

DMS V2.0 training webinar

Reviewing the company audit log

Reviewing the user audit Log

Creating an internal case