Retail Banking Technologies Summit

04 February 2020 - 06 February 2020 Vienna, Austria Read More

Topics discussed includes:

  • Retail banking in the age of COVID-19
  • Collaboration between banks and FinTechs
  • Digital and mobile experience: Moving to relationship interactions
  • What is the best method to capture data analytics of customers?
  • Developing new & improved value proposition for customers in the digital era
  • How to achieve fusion between banking experience and the customer’s lifestyle?
  • The use of APIs for the transformation to an Open Banking platform
  • How is the pandemic influencing the retail banking workforce?
  • How retail banks can keep the lights on during the COVID-19 crisis and recalibrate for the future?
  • Addressing the growing popularity of mobile payments & e-payments
  • Distributed ledger technologies: Blockchain, bitcoin and augmented reality: Why are they well down the list of priorities?

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