Getting Real: Open banking from the frontline.

A speaker headshot photograph of Mark ChidleyAhead of what promises to be an insightful panel discussion on 23rd September, Mark Chidley (Independent SME Representative to the OBIE) shares his thoughts on the topic of discussion.

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For many of us in the UK, September is a time of new beginnings, as summer comes to an end and we begin to lay the groundwork for the year ahead. The open banking world is no different, and we are looking forward to welcoming you to our next SME Forum event, at 12pm on Wednesday 23rd September . We’re delighted to be hearing from new faces from within our industry as well as small business owners. While Covid-19 continues to dominate headlines and debate, our panel will bring a fresh perspective and renewed focus on how open banking is supporting the UK’s SME community address the economic impact of Covid 19, including:

Demystifying the impact of Covid19 on SMEs

While we’ve all heard guesses and ‘expert opinions’ in the press, OBIE’s SME Forum is committed to bringing you real-world, evidenced insight from the ‘business end’ of the SME community. Each of our panel members have spent the year speaking directly to their small business customers and getting to understand the real-world situations small businesses across the country are facing. We’ll be asking them to share their experiences, as well as their thoughts on how open banking might help.

Gauging SMEs’ appetite for digital solutions

Our contributors will be reporting back from their discussions with SMEs, on their willingness to embrace new technologies at a time when there is so much else to worry about.

Building towards a common language

Many of us know that it can be difficult to make a case for open banking without resorting to acronyms, industry-babble and techno-jargon. We’ll be challenging our panel to solve that – or at least get us on the road towards a clearer picture – with their efforts judged by our SME representative.

Channeling advocacy to encourage adoption

Where should the big open banking conversations start? Does it need a top-down approach driven from Westminster, or a ground-swell of testimonial and word of mouth? What means more to the SME owner – and how can we encourage that potentially vital decision to adopt?

Taking tomorrow into the equation

With so much of our focus on the here and now, it can be easy to lose sight of the months and years ahead. But for SME owners, preparedness for tomorrow can be the difference between surviving and thriving. So – as economies continue to react and CBILS / BBLS money (eventually) run out – how can open banking offer small businesses opportunities to make real, lasting improvements in the way they do business?

These topics and more will be covered at our upcoming SME Forum – please register using the link below, and don’t hesitate to submit any questions in advance either to or via any of our social media channels. We look forward to being ‘back in the classroom’ with you soon.

Mark Chidley,

Independent SME Representative to the OBIE