Open Data APIs

The Open Data API specifications allow API providers (e.g. banks, building societies and ATM providers) to develop API endpoints which can then be accessed by API users (e.g. third party developers) to build mobile and web applications for banking customers.

These specifications allow providers to supply up to date, standardised, information about the latest available products and services so that, for example, a comparison website can more easily and accurately gather information, and thereby develop better services for end customers.

Specifications for version 2 of the Open Data API are now available here. Please see the release notes.

Version 2 is a significant upgrade. New API providers should use these standards. Existing API providers should update to version 2 as soon as they can. Clarification of live dates for version 2 will be posted here soon.

Previous versions of the Open Data API standard are available here:

API Dashboard

Open Banking do not provide direct access to live API end points. Rather, these are implemented and supported by each API provider. The API Dashboard lists all available API end points, and show which API version is supported by each provider.

API Console

The API Console allows you to try out the APIs using your browser. This console does not contain any real data, instead providing fictitious data for each API endpoint.

Open Data API Providers

Become an API provider and share your products and services with your customers

Providers adopting Open Banking maintain control of their information, ensuring their products are accurately represented. Open Banking APIs give providers up to date, standardised, information about the latest available products and services that they can pass on to customers.

For example, a comparison website can use Open Banking APIs and data standards to more easily and accurately gather information on products and services directly from the providers.

We look forward to receiving your completed application form and welcoming you to the Open Banking Directory.

Open Data API Users

Use our Open Banking APIs and Data Standards to build your own apps and websites, opening up easy entry into a new retail banking marketplace.

You can get involved, learn more about Open Banking and find tools to help you build web and mobile applications through the links on this page.
To get support and more information, or just to keep up to date with our progress, please enrol with us.

Enrolment is optional for API users but is required if you wish to receive support from Open Banking. API Providers must enrol.

This is a new service currently in public ‘beta’, which means is it being continually tested and improved. Care must be taken when using data from this service.
Please refer to our Open Licence and Terms & Conditions.