Manage enquiries, complaints and disputes

The Dispute Management System (DMS) is a communication process that helps organisations manage enquiries, complaints and disputes among themselves, fairly and effectively.

It’s a voluntary system built around best practice standards and promotes a dialogue that’s clear, consistent, transparent and ethical.

For account providers and third party providers

The DMS is not for customers to use in complaints or disputes. It’s a voluntary mechanism for account providers and third party providers to talk to one another. The DMS doesn’t take the place of alternative dispute processes, and it’s not compulsory to sign up to it. You don’t need to be enrolled with Open Banking to use the DMS.


Its purpose is to help any organisation manage enquiries, complaints and disputes related to Open Banking. For example:

  • Requests for information or exchange of information
  • Requests for a redress repayment (for example, where a party has paid out in response to a complaint or dispute, but believes the liability lies with another party)
  • Complaints forwarding

The DMS is a communication process: it’s up to the parties involved to agree the resolution. If the parties can’t reach a resolution, the DMS provides a structured pathway to mediation, adjudication or arbitration. Open Banking doesn’t play any part in helping parties reach a resolution.


The DMS was set up by Open Banking, in consultation with stakeholders from UK Government, regulators, the financial services sector and consumer groups.

Sign up to the Dispute Management System

Sign-up is free. Once you’ve signed up, we aim to list your contact details on the DMS within ten working business days. You can start using the DMS and its resources as soon as you’ve signed up.

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