Manage disputes with confidence

The open banking world is hyper connected, so our disputes process is too. Our Dispute Management System (DMS) is now a cloud-based solution that lets ASPSPs and TPPs create customer cases, securely share evidence and move through a workflow to find fast resolutions for customer enquiries, complaints and disputes.

We designed and developed DMS in collaboration with the OBIE ecosystem, putting strict security at its core. We’ve also established a Code of Best Practice that promotes consistent, transparent and ethical behaviour – to build trust with customers at every step of the process.

Better case management

  • Take cases from entry to closure in one system
  • Securely share case evidence and communicate with other members
  • Generate an automatic audit trail of case activity
  • Control access levels for all your system users
  • Standardise case information by codifying enquiries, complaints and disputes
  • Ability to manage cases internally


This online version of DMS builds on the first version, originally launched in January 2018 and used by UK’s nine largest banks and building societies. We designed DMS in consultation with stakeholders from UK government agencies, regulators, financial services and consumer groups.

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Support for offline DMS is ending soon

End-to-end case management will soon be essential, so we plan to remove support for previous versions of DMS. For now, you can still access key offline DMS resources using the links below.