The Standard covers all online payment accounts and includes the following core components:

Open Data API

This makes publicly available information easy to use in mobile and web applications. This data includes product information, ATM and branch locations plus information and metrics about service quality.

This could be used by a comparison website to get up-to-date information about banking products, and enable customers to identify more competitive products.

View the Open Data API Specification

Useful information

  • Customer Experience Guidelines v1.1 (PDF)
    This version of the guidelines has been updated to include new journeys for Confirmation of Funds for PISP and align with the updated v3.1 API technical specifications.
  • Customer Experience Guidelines v1.0.1 (PDF)
    This updated version provides account providers with additional flexibility when implementing journeys in section 4.1. See the appendix for a full list of changes in this version.
  • Customer Experience Guidelines v1 (PDF)
    This document brings together regulatory requirements and extensive customer research to provide customer experience guidelines and examples of customer journeys for third party providers and account providers. They are designed to encourage adoption of Open Banking-enabled products and services.