Trust, transparency, and consumer protection

We developed the Open Banking Standards to meet the requirements of the CMA Order. The standards provide transparency and consumer protection assurance.

Three Open Banking Standards

  • 01

    Account Information API

    This allows regulated third party providers to read account information, such as transaction or balance details in an online payment account.

    This could be used to offer services, such as helping customers track their spending or manage their money better.

    View the Account Information API specification
  • 02

    Payment Initiation API

    This allows regulated third party providers to set up or make payments directly from an online payment account, such as a single payment or a recurring payment.

    This could be used for buying goods online through an app or a website, without the need for a credit or debit card.

    View the Payment Initiation API specification
  • 03

    Open Data API

    This makes publicly available information easy to use in mobile and web applications. This data includes product information, ATM and branch locations plus information and metrics about service quality.

    This could be used by a comparison website to get up-to-date information about banking products, and enable customers to identify more competitive products.

    View the Open Data API specification

Open Banking OIDC Security Profile

This sets out the framework for API security in Open Banking. Use it to configure financial-grade API security regimes when building products and services or developing account systems, to ensure the security of every interaction.

View the Open Banking OIDC Security Profile

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