Banks, building societies and payment companies – also known as account servicing payment service providers (ASPSPs).

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Why get involved?

Open banking enables ASPSPs to deepen their relationship with customers – by unlocking the potential of historic transaction data and supporting the provisioning of innovative services that complement core banking services.

Secure third-party access to payment accounts: tried and tested across the UK’s largest financial institutions; backed by the UK Government; and delivered by an established partner – the OBIE.

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The OBIE’s open banking Standard is free to use. We also offer the following optional services: Conformance and certification, the OBIE Directory, CoP and a Dispute management system.

Confirmation of Payee

Join CoP and help protect your business and your customers against authorised push payment (APP) fraud.

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The OBIE Directory

A secure trust framework for verification of authorised third party providers. Register to get listed, or log-in to update your details on the directory. 


The OBIE’s open banking Standard

The API specifications, user experience guidelines and operational guidelines you need to provide TPPs with secure access to account information while complying with your PSD2 obligations.

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Dispute management system

The Dispute management system (DMS) helps account providers and regulated third party providers manage enquiries, complaints and disputes related to open banking.

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Conformance and certification

Test your implementation of the Standard with our conformance tools – then provide evidence you conform with our certification service.

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What is the timescale for enrolment into the OBIE Directory?

Once we receive your enrolment form, we undertake some validation checks which can take a few weeks to complete. Part of these checks include making sure your company has the right permissions under PSD2 i.e. ASPSP, AISP and/or PISP and are authorised to passport into the UK.

If you have any further questions or require assistance with enrolling onto open banking please contact us via email:

Which ASPSPs support the UK OBIE’s Standard?

Nine banks and building societies (ASPSPs) will initially support the standard APIs. These are; Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, Barclays, Danske, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide, RBS Group and Santander.

Visit our Standards FAQ page to find out more

Where can I find API specifications?

The latest API standard specifications can be found on our standards site here: API specifications

How can I test the read/write banking APIs?

The read/write APIs are implemented by participating banks. Some banks offer test environments via Developer Portals that are available via their websites. 

For TPPs that have enrolled, Open Banking can provide API testing capability via Ozone model bank.

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For support with enrolling, technical queries or any other aspect of our open banking solutions, just email the Service Desk, please contact us at