Technical Service Providers

Technical service providers (TSPs) collaborate with regulated providers to securely provision the financial data that fuels open banking-enabled products and services.

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We set the Standard. Our team is here to lend expertise and guide you in delivering great value for you and your collaborators. 

  • Avoid confusion over the Standard
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Your most common questions, answered.

How do you verify company details when enrolling?

We’ll contact the Company Secretary or Director listed with Companies House to verify your company details, and confirm that they authorise the contacts provided to deal with OBL (we need you to nominate a primary business contact and a primary technical contact).

Our third party agency will get in touch with each of your contacts to verify their identities and addresses. Your contacts will need to provide a copy of a photo ID document and a proof of address document. The agency will check the documents and your contacts identity, and we’ll let you know when we’ve completed the identity and verification checks successfully.