April 2021 Highlights

311 regulated providers made up of 226 third party providers and 85 account providers, with 113 regulated entities that have at least one proposition live with customers
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The OBIE’s Head of Policy explains what it will take to ensure that open banking continues to prosper

Open banking is at an inflection point, where positive action needs to be taken to maintain momentum and ensure the benefits currently provided to over three million users of open banking services extends to many more millions of people.

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The OBIE Op-Ed: the Public Sector

‘Transforming public sector delivery through open banking technologies,’ by the OBIE’s Head of Ecosystem Engagement, Simon Lyons.

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The OBIE's 2020 Round Up

Building on the insights from our recently published Annual Report, this 2020 round up details some of the achievements and milestones from across the open banking ecosystem.

February 2021 Highlights

303 regulated providers: 222 third party providers and 81 account providers, 108 of which with at least one proposition live with customers.
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The OBIE Op-Ed: Payments

‘Delivering innovative payment solutions in a changing world,’ by the OBIE’s Head of Policy, Alan Ainsworth.

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