Open banking in real life

Millions of UK businesses and consumers use open banking to pay for goods and services, or to share key financial information with trusted third parties to access personalised financial products that can help them spend, save and budget better.

Our case studies highlight the practical uses of this financial innovation in day-to-day life.

Our case studies talk about:
  • how an alternative lender uses open banking data to offer affordable lending to people with invisible credit histories
  • how an audit platform uses open banking to speed up key admin tasks for law firms, fund managers and accountants
  • how an open banking-driven insights platform is helping credit unions assess and fund member loans faster
  • how ‘pay by bank’ links in invoices can help businesses receive payments faster
  • how open banking payments can provide frictionless and fast settlement for car sales
  • open banking in the community (for PTAs and sports clubs)
  • how the utilities sector is using open banking to switch customers to affordable tariffs and offer an alternative to pre-payment meters
  • how charities and charity platforms (such as JustGiving) are seeing a boost in donations by offering open banking as a way to donate
  • how HMRC’s pioneering use of open banking as a way to pay tax has increased efficiency and delivered cost savings.

Charities guide to growth through open banking

Our free ebook shows how open banking payment solutions can open the door to additional fundraising opportunities and cost savings, and sets out how this secure technology can help cut card processing fees and offer a slick donation journey for charities, social enterprises and third sector organisations.

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