techUK Summit on Open Finance and Inclusion

20 April 2021 Online Read More

On 20th April techUK invited to the Open Finance and Inclusion Summit.
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted societies across the globe and changed the way many people work and access services. Financial services (FS) sit at the core of the economy and enable a wide range of activities from accessing salaries and benefits, mortgages, and cash and capital management. Industry and government reacted quickly and at an unprecedented pace to establish new schemes and processes to continue to support the economy and communities.

Throughout 2020 we have seen the real value of digital finance, how it can transform the way everyone accesses, stores and moves money. Not embracing the digital transformation journey could be detrimental to the resilience of the ecosystem as well as customers’ ability to access essential services. Efforts are also required to ensure that no one is left behind and that everyone can access and benefit from the entire financial services ecosystem.