OBIE announces two million users

The numbers of end users – individuals and small businesses – using open banking-enabled applications and services has grown to over two million. Below we examine what that means, the journey so far, how open banking has and will continue to impact those end users, and what the future’s continued growth looks like.

But what does that mean for you?

Our Implementation Trustee, Imran Gulamhuseinwala OBE, shares his thoughts on the real-world impact of open banking – and why it’s a good thing that two million people and small businesses are using apps and services enabled by open banking.

Where has the 2M come from?

David Beardmore, our Ecosystem Development Director, takes a look back at the origin of open banking in the UK, what it set out to achieve, and how a group of innovative companies came together to develop apps and products that use open banking to deliver better financial outcomes for their users.

Can you trust open banking apps?

Bronwyn Boyle, our Head of Security and Assurance, explains how the security of users’ financial data has been at the heart of open banking in the UK since day one – and how the use of trusted, established technology means that you can trust apps and services that use our open banking standards.

Where will open banking go next?

OBIE’s Head of Ecosystem Engagement, Simon Lyons, walks through some of the exciting new developments happening in the world of open banking – including its adoption by the UK government and new industries – without any compromise on data security or peace of mind.

Time to start your open banking journey?

Over two million people and small businesses are using open banking-enabled applications across the UK. Isn’t it time you harnessed the potential of your own financial data? Click the banner below to visit the OBIE’s app store today.