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2021 performance numbers


Regulated providers 


Third party providers 


Account providers 


API calls in 2021 


Successful payments

Ecosystem Distribution

Open banking ecosystem participants are spread throughout the UK.

*Visual not indicative of total open banking ecosystem due to non-UK participants and organisations holding dual or multiple roles.

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Consumer outcomes

The OBIE does not ‘log’ open banking activity in the way that a traditional payment infrastructure might. This is because no open banking activity flows through the OBIE platform. Our best window on the breadth of open banking activity comes from the Open Banking App Store.

*Source: OBIE data. Chart may double-count as certain propositions cover multiple usage categories.

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Real benefit to businesses

Businesses’ adopting solutions like cloud accounting and cashflow forecasting indicate the importance of clarity and control over their finances. As a growing number of businesses resort to eCommerce to meet customer demand, we anticipate payments to be a key area of growth for small businesses in 2021 and beyond.

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Total API Volume

“The rapid take up of open banking-enabled products and services across 2020 is clear proof that the appetite is there and growing fast”

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2020 was a transformational year for open banking and for the OBIE. This report provides an overview of the OBIE’s activities for 2020 and 2021.

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