Have your say on v3.1.11 of the Open Banking Standard

20 April 2023

We are pleased to open the consultation for v3.1.11 of the Standard.

The proposed updates reflect Order-related activity that was supported by an Expert Advisory Group, Technical Design Authority decisions for updates to the Read/Write specifications, and address several minor known issues.

The updates also include one non-Order-related proposition funded by a member of the CMA9 (proposition P21b).

The proposed updates to each part of the Standard are clearly outlined here.

These include an overview of the changes, change logs, and forms to add feedback. Please submit a form for each part of the Standard you want to provide feedback on.

We would like to emphasise two things:

  1. For the proposed change to the guideline benchmark response time for a Confirmation of Funds ‘yes/no’ call, we seek feedback on two options as per the feedback form. These are to
    leave it as it is today (300m/s average with a 500m/s maximum), or,
    – increase it to align with the AIS and PIS benchmark response time of 750m/s.

    Please indicate your preference, but feel free to provide additional feedback if you believe neither option is optimal.
  2. For the Dynamic Client Registration specification, the new version will not be published until Pay.UK is ready to align with this version (v3.4).

How and when to respond

We welcome responses to the consultation from all interested parties. Please send written responses by 5pm on Friday 12 May 2023.

We will assess and respond to all submitted feedback with a view to releasing v3.1.11 as a final version by the end of May 2023.

If you have any issues accessing the Confluence site or any other questions, please email us.