OBIE publishes version 3.1.9 of the Open Banking Standard

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OBIE’s Open Banking Standard now includes features to help ecosystem participants further improve their open banking products and services.

The Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) is pleased to announce the publication of the Open Banking Standard version 3.1.9.

Many of the changes have been made in response to feedback from ecosystem participants, such as updates to the read/write API Specification, Customer Experience Guidelines (CEGs), the creation of Third-Party Provider (TPP) Guidelines and the uplift of TPP MI Specification.

API Specification

In the six months since version 3.1.8 was published, the OBIE has logged 10 issues. These have been subsequently addressed and further details can be found via the TDA decision 241.

Customer Experience Guidelines

A2(b)(iii) Evaluation of Efficacy of Consent and Access Dashboards.

The dashboards review contained several Trustee actions, which the OBIE were required to update. As a result, the following journeys have been modified:

  • AIS Consent Dashboard – Revocation & Refresh
  • AIS Access Dashboard – Revocation & Refresh
  • PIS-VRP Consent Dashboard & Revocation
  • PIS-VRP Access Dashboard & Revocation
  • CBPII Consent Dashboard & Revocation
  • CBPII Access Dashboard & Revocation
  • PSU Notifications.

Given the scale of change and to make it easier for TPPs to access this important content, the TPP Guidelines will now sit as a standalone section in the Open Banking Standard and will no longer be housed within Operational Guidelines.

  • Updated guidance on data handling and consent management covering the end-to-end customer journey for TPPs and other participants can be found in a new set of best practice guidelines, which replaces prior/existing content on data ethics and data privacy. This was part of item A12 of the revised roadmap item TPP side customer protection.
  • In June, we updated the Security & Counter Fraud Measures by publishing new Security & Counter-Fraud good practice guidance.
  • Guidance for TPPs when using variable recurring payments for sweeping (VRPs). This content provides prospective providers with an overview of the key regulatory requirements to consider when designing any sweeping services offering.

We have updated the following:

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About Us

The Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) is the entity set up by the CMA in 2016 to deliver Open Banking. Its trading name is Open Banking Limited.

OBIE is governed by the CMA and funded by the CMA9 (Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, Barclays, Danske, HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide, RBS Group and Santander). It works with the CMA 9, as well as challenger banks, financial technology companies, third party providers and consumer groups. OBIE’s role is to:

  • Enforce the obligations on the CMA9 under the CMA Order
  • Design the specifications for the Application Programme Interfaces (APIs) that banks and building societies use to securely provide Open Banking
  • Support regulated third party providers and banks and building societies to use the Open Banking standards
  • Create security and messaging standards
  • Manage the Open Banking Directory which allows regulated participants like banks, building societies and third-party providers to enrol in Open Banking
  • Produce guidelines for participants in the Open Banking ecosystem
  • Set out the process for managing disputes and complaints.