Create personalised services like never before

  • Build a secure and efficient service
    Regulated third party providers can now access information and initiate payments for customers, by connecting to account providers (such as banks, building societies and payment companies) – securely, efficiently, and with customer consent.
  • Access a larger market, faster
    With an ecosystem of regulated third party providers and account providers, Open Banking creates a consistent, standardised and secure way to serve customers.
  • Build a single solution
    The Open Banking Standards contain the specifications to securely connect regulated third party apps and websites to account providers using APIs. And because regulated third party providers and account providers use the same specifications, one solution works for customers of many different banks and building societies.
  • Put trust at the core
    Backed by UK Government, the Open Banking Standards are built with data security and customer consent at their heart.

Get started

Find all the information you need, whether you’re a regulated third party provider (AISP or PISP),
an account provider (ASPSP) or a technical service provider (TSP).

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    For third party providers
    (AISPs and PISPs)

    Discover how to enrol in Open Banking, and see what’s involved at each stage.

    Third party providers
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    For account providers
    (ASPSPs, such as banks
    and building societies)

    See how Open Banking supports compliance with PSD2, and how to use the Open Banking Standards to develop your systems.

    Account providers
  • Technical Service Providers

    For technical service providers (TSPs)

    Find out how to enrol in the Directory Sandbox to test your service and interact with regulated providers.

    Technical service providers
  • Open Banking Standard

    The Open Banking Standard set the API specifications for delivering account information and payment initiation services. See the specs and discover how they work.

    View Standard

  • Open Banking Directory

    Enables regulated third party providers and account providers to connect, verify identities and check regulatory permissions. The Open Banking Directory is an optional service.

    View Directory

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  • Dispute Management System

    A voluntary communication framework for enquiries, complaints and disputes related to Open Banking.

    View DMS

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Regulated providers enrolled with Open Banking

See the regulated providers that are already transforming the way people move, manage, and make the most of their money.

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