For account providers, Open Banking is a UK Government-backed solution for enabling secure third party access to payment accounts. It supports compliance with PSD2. There is no requirement for users of the Open Banking Standard to enrol on to the Open Banking Directory or use the Dispute Management System.

The Open Banking Standard is free to use. We also offer the following optional services: Conformance and Certification, Open Banking Directory and a Dispute Management System.

Confirmation of Payee

Join phase one of CoP and help protect your business and your customers against Authorised Push Payment (APP) fraud.

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Open Banking Standard

The Open Banking Standard gives you the API specifications, user experience guidelines and standards that enable you to provide regulated third party providers with a way to access your customers account information, initiate payments and comply with your PSD2 obligations.

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Open Banking Directory

The Open Banking Directory enables you to easily check the regulatory status of regulated third party providers. It is available to account providers using not only the Open Banking Standard but also other standards or your own interface.

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Conformance and Certification

Conformance Tools help account providers and third party providers test they have implemented the Standard correctly.

The Certification Service can be used by account providers as evidence of conformance to the Standard when they request an exemption from the contingency mechanism with their competent authority.

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Dispute Management System

The DMS is a communication framework for account providers and regulated third party providers to manage enquiries, complaints and disputes related to Open Banking. It’s a voluntary system, and you may use an alternative dispute process.

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API availability

You can now check the availability of the Open Banking APIs provided by account providers (ASPSPs), including average speed, API call volumes and API performance.

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