Become part of the Open Banking ecosystem, and you could collaborate more effectively with regulated account providers and regulated third party providers to deliver open banking products and services.

Get access to the Directory Sandbox

  • Serious about providing technical services to regulated providers? The Directory Sandbox is for you: a place where you can test your open banking technologies, securely and with dummy data.
  • You can also get expert support from the Open Banking onboarding team, and interact with regulated third party and regulated account providers, and other TSPs.
  • Registering with the Open Banking service as a TSP is simple and free, and it’s open to all TSPs.

How to register as a TSP with Open Banking

Step 1

What’s your service?

What will you offer to Open Banking regulated providers? Infrastructure, a particular type of product or a service? You might want to supply your services to regulated account providers or regulated third party providers, or both. Or you can collaborate with other TSPs.

Step 2

Join the Open Banking Directory Sandbox

This gives you access to the Directory Sandbox and other benefits.

You’ll need to provide a primary business and a primary technical contact. They can be the same person, but it may be easier to nominate two people to manage your Open Banking activity.

We also need your company name and number – your company needs to be registered in the EU. The company name and number should be the same as they appear on the Companies House register (or European equivalent). These should also be the same details you used, or will use, if you apply to the FCA (or European equivalent) to become regulated.

Sign up now

We’ll check your identity and verify your details

  • We’ll allocate a case reference number and update you on the progress of your application at every stage.
  • We’ll contact the Company Secretary or Director listed with Companies House to verify your company details, and confirm that they authorise the contacts provided to deal with Open Banking.
  • Our third party agency will get in touch with each of your contacts to verify their identities and addresses. Your contacts will need to provide a copy of their passport and proof of address. The agency will check their identity and arrange a face-to-face or Skype session with each contact. We’ll let you know when we’ve completed the identity and verification checks successfully.
  • If you’re not regulated, we’ll need to make some further checks on your company and its Directors. These include making sure your company and its Directors don’t appear on any sanctions lists, watchlists or enforcement registers.
Step 3

Test your service in the Directory Sandbox

Once our checks have been completed successfully, you can use the Directory Sandbox. Our onboarding team will be on hand to help you get set up and make the most of the model banks and dummy data.

Step 4

Partner with Open Banking providers

When you’re ready to work with Open Banking providers, you can use our list of regulated third party providers and regulated account providers as your starting point.

See the list of Regulated Providers

Open banking events

View our list of open banking events to stay up to date with industry events, conferences, panel discussions and networking opportunities.

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Need help?

For support with accessing the Directory Sandbox or any other aspect of Open Banking, just email the Service Desk.