Open Banking - A Revolution in Financial Services

Open Banking technology is enabling innovation in the financial services sector that benefits millions of consumers and SMEs by giving them access to their financial data. Companies embracing the technology discuss the impact it is already having, future opportunities it will deliver and the significance it will have in transforming the way we all manage our money.

Open Banking & Vulnerable Customers

Consumer protection is central to our Open Banking Standards. We take a look at some of the initiatives, apps and services that are being developed, with particular focus onto the area of money and mental health.

Nesta's Open Up Challenge

We spoke to OpenWrks, Funding Options & Swoop Funding about applying & winning the Open Up Challenge run by Nesta – a FinTech prize fund supporting new Open Banking services, apps and platforms for SMEs.

Open banking: powering innovations for UK SMEs

Open banking is powering technology offerings that help small and medium enterprises mitigate the risk of Late Payments.

Open banking: enabling better money advice

Open Banking is beginning to power progress for the millions of squeezed and struggling people who are experiencing problem debt across the UK.

Flux: Organising the world’s receipts, digitally.

Veronique and Matty from Flux explain how their idea is coming to life with Open Banking, and what the future of financial products and services might look like.

Yolt: A simple overview of all your finances.

Leon from Yolt believes Open Banking is going to radically change the relationship between banks and people – see how.

ClearScore: Take control of your credit score.

ClearScore’s Justin Basini explains how Open Banking gives you the power to use your data in a secure and regulated way.

OpenWrks: ‘the biggest shake up in banking’

OpenWrks’ Olly Betts and Mitul Sudra explain how Open Banking will transform the speed and ease of applying for financial products.

Yoyo: A new way to pay, collect points, and get digital receipts.

Yoyo’s Michael Rolph says it’s not just for millennials – so how will Open Banking change the way we manage our finances?

Zopa: the pioneer of peer-to-peer lending

For Zopa’s Jaidev Janardana, Open Banking makes peer-to-peer lending processes smoother and more customer-friendly than ever.

“More choice, better products, better prices”

Tech innovators from some of the most exciting companies explain how Open Banking will transform the way we bank.