OBIE TechUK Webinar #2 - Innovations in Payments

Insightful debate about the future of open banking-enabled payments – hosted by OBIE and TechUK. Read the report.

April 2020 Highlights

243 regulated providers, 169 TPPs, 74 ASPSPs and 73 firms with live-to-market propositions. Review the April 2020 Highlights.

OBIE TechUK Webinar #1 - Supporting the Economy

OBIE and TechUK hosted this 45-minute webinar on 30th April, exploring open banking’s role and potential in addressing the economic impact of Covid-19.

Open Banking for Credit Unions

The potential benefit to credit unions from open banking is opening the door to lending better, together.

March 2020 Highlights

231 regulated providers, 157 TPPs, 74 ASPSPs and 71 firms with live-to-market propositions. Review the March 2020 Highlights.