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Getting paid online can be expensive, slow, and a point of friction. Vyne’s full-stack account-to-account payment solution helps merchants:

Ordo’s highly secure, cloud-native, open banking payments platform provides low cost, real-time and easy to use e-commerce, Point of Sale, invoice and contact centre account to account payments solutions. Accessible through Merchant Acquirer/PSP payments partners, via APIs, through QuickBooks, Sage, and Xero and directly through Ordo’s web/app interfaces.

Ordo also enables refunds, secure customer pay-outs and account validation services.

Founded by the former management team of the UK’s Faster Payments Scheme to provide an alternative to slow, high-cost card payments and insecure direct bank payments. Ordo is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and backed by Nationwide Building Society.

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Based on open banking standards, Citizen’s PayBlox platform comprises a purpose-built online toolkit that businesses can deploy to optimise every stage of their payment processes – reducing costs and materially enhancing the customer experience.

Features include:

Citizen’s PayBlox platform is an end-to-end solution that’s easy to install, configure and use. So whether you’ve historically relied on BACS transfers or card payments, we’d love to show you what Citizen can offer.

Try it out yourself, or request a demo today:

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Visible Capital is a technology provider that helps financial advisers, wealth managers and pension providers automatically collate and enrich clients’ financial data for use in the financial advice journey. We specifically automated fact find for new clients, and suitability assessments for existing clients.

We help financial advice firms to adapt their businesses to the new digital environment, by providing integrated, interoperable data sharing with other industry technologies, to enable them to provide services that meets their client’s expectations.


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Hammock is the property finance platform for landlords. From a single platform, landlords can manage all transactions related to their rental properties, access automated bookkeeping services and keep track of their property tax statement. Landlords can securely connect unlimited bank accounts to Hammock via Open Banking to bring all their property finances in one place.

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APT are BACS Approved Software Supplier, Bureau & Facilities Management Specialists for Credit & Direct Debits, providing automated payment and cloud-based banking solutions for businesses within all sectors. With expertise lying in BACSTEL-iP solutions, enhanced security packages and bank sort code checking services within the UK.

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There are three main problems encountered when integrating banking systems: complexity, compliance, and resource-intensive processes integrating with legacy infrastructure. Finexer resolves these problems by leveraging Open Banking to enable companies to initiate payments and access financial data through an extensive API that gives developers maximum flexibility and abstraction.

Through the single point of access companies are able to initiate instant payments, access high-quality financial data in real-time from thousands of banks and bank accounts, and verify their customers streamlining KYC and AML processes.

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clarityONLINE with the addition of open banking enables our clients to see the valuation of their bank and credit cards alongside their clarity managed assets, self-managed assets for themselves, and linked dependents. Clients can also manage many other aspects of their wealth including wealth plans, portfolios, and asset allocation.

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