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The Open Banking Implementation Entity (OBIE) is pleased to announce the publication of the Open Banking Standard version 3.1.10, which is the final release under the CMA’s revised roadmap.  

Fiona Hamilton, Head of Standards at the OBIE, says: “After five years, we are proud to have reached the milestone of delivering version 3.1.10 which now contains all the content required to complete the revised roadmap. The standard has laid the foundations for a thriving open banking ecosystem with more than 5 million users. We now look forward to the next phase in the evolution of the standard to support future regulatory changes and market-driven requirements.” 

Standard v3.1.10 in detail 

The updates to version 3.1.10 have been made in response to changes in the UK RTS, the requirements defined in the Transaction Risk Indicator proposition document, and feedback from ecosystem participants. These include change requests and reported errata. 

This version includes updates on: 

The above updates have driven changes to the artefacts listed below. The Technical Design Authority has also approved the API Specification. You can see details of TDA Decision 252 here. 

We have updated the following: 

For further information, please contact: 

The Open Banking Implementation (OBIE) has today launched a consultation on version 3.1.10 of the OBIE Standard. This represents the next stage in the development of open banking in the UK.

This version includes updates on:

We welcome responses to the consultation from all interested parties, using the link below. The consultation process will take place between the 14th February and 4th March 2022.

How and when to respond

Please note that responses are not treated as confidential.

Next steps

We will review and publish responses before the March 2022 Implementation Entity Steering Group (IESG) meeting.

View the draft version of OBIE Standard 3.1.10

Update: Summary of key proposed changes

At the request of the Expert Advisory Group (EAG) that has been assisting in developing the proposed changes, we have summarised these in an additional document providing a supporting rationale for the proposed approach. 

Moving to the new framework

Feedback from the EAG indicated that it would be useful to address key implementation issues facing the open banking ecosystem which are significant in determining optimal approaches to transitioning to the new regulatory framework but may only have a modest impact on the Standard.

We have set out some analysis on the various approaches identified in EAG discussions and developed conclusions as to a possible common approach.   

This document also contains several specific questions on each of the topics covered which we hope will assist respondents to frame their input to the consultation.

We welcome responses to the consultation from all interested parties. Written consultation responses are due by 12pm on 4 March 2022.

You can email your response to the consultation questions raised in this summary document to